Corporate video production made simple and cost-effective

Get creative, attention-grabbing, and highly engaging videos that enhance your brand’s digital presence.


Quality video production builds trust and makes for a stronger brand

  1. Enhance your key marketing touchpoints.
  2. Tell your story in a memorable way.
  3. Share your culture and values.
  4. Provide social proof.

Empower your brand with remarkable videos that make your customers come back


Marketing Videos

We work with our clients to better understand their needs and audience. We produce marketing videos that resonate and engage your customers, get maximum shares, and positively affect your bottom line. We are a full-service corporate video production company and tailor your video content to your audience so you can convert viewers into buyers.

Tell a Story

When your customers are looking for a little more information about your company and product, we help you offer them a story that is memorable and impactful. We build your story based on an event, product uses, or a lifestyle association, and tell it in a compelling way that is memorable and engaging. We make your customers see themselves as a part of your story so you can build your following.

Share Your Culture

Your culture and values define your brand’s personality and that personality is one of your key acquisition tools. We take pride in capturing the emotions and the personality of your place of work. We collect footage of the places and people that make up your brand and present them in their best light.

Get videos that inspire, educate, and sell


Video Production

We are a full-service Toronto video production company that takes your videos to the next level. We have a dedicated team of videographers and editors that specialize in creating brand and product videos that resonate with your audience and align with your business goals.


On top of our production services, we also offer animations and explainer videos that present complex ideas in an approachable way. We create innovative and creative animations that can answer any question in seconds.

Video Editing

Our post-production team enhance your final videos with captions, motions graphics, and colour adjustment for a polished and professional look. We work closely with our clients to adhere to all your requirements and get a final video that matches your brand.

Our Process


We start with your needs and goals and analyze your company, product, and industry to come up with the most up-to-date approach to speak to your audience.


We create a script, storyboards, and art designs that outline the video production.


Once we settle on a working concept, we get to work on locations, shooting, and post-processing that enhance your brand.


We create a detailed and comprehensive distribution strategy for your videos across your marketing channels so you get the most out of them.

Our Work

Mary Dempter Mary Dempster Realty

Open Project

Title 123 Sales Training Prosperitas Forward

Open Project

Do You Have A Will? Affairs to Remember

Open Project

Toronto Ribfest Rotary Etobicoke Video

Open Project

Kids Being Kids C.J. Graphics

Open Project

Automated Hiring Solution (Pete) HIRinc

Open Project

Secrid Wallets Long Island Clothiers

Open Project

Dog Grooming & Day Grooming Nice Diggz

Open Project

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not comfortable on camera?

You can always use an actor but we love to see businesses represented by their employees. Our team will coach you to make sure that by the time we are done you will have a video you are proud to share.

How long does a video take to create?

Helium Video is a full-service video production company, we strive to meet the deadlines of a modern marketplace. While it depends on the scheduling and complexity of the video we can often deliver your video 1 week after the shoot.

Can you help me promote the video online?

Absolutely! Our team specializes in getting your video in front of the right audience. Every video we produce includes our YouTube optimization and video marketing strategy. We aren't happy until your video content gets the results you deserve.

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